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Friday, 15 January 2010

The first OFFICIAL meeting of A Crafty Coffee

Well, after much excitement and anticipation, especially on the part of Crafty and Coffee, the day of the first OFFICIAL meeting of A Crafty Coffee finally arrived.

Crafty: Phew. What a week. That is all it's been, a week since we 'decided' to make A Crafty Coffee official. I've been beavering away behind the scenes generating a poster, and setting up a facebook group with Coffee, while Coffee started this beautiful blog (Coffee: Thank you!). The morning was here, and we were ready!

I literally cannot believe how many people pitched up this morning ... Upon my arrival CK had already bagged the warm radiator spot for a somewhat ambitious (or so I thought) table of 8-10. Little did I know that it would be full, and people be spreading to nearby sofas and tables before Coffee even put in an appearance herself.

Coffee: Yes. The first meeting and I was late - no surprises there! As I passed the window of Trago Lounge I thought I saw a glimpse of a few knitting needles. But when I stepped inside I could hardly believe my eyes! There were about a dozen women of various ages already there, knitting, sewing, cross stitching, drinking teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and yabbering away as if they had known each other all their lives.

The final number of Crafters was 18. An unbelievable turnout for the first meeting, with hardly any advertising, only word of mouth. (Does Facebook count as word of mouth?)
And there were a fair number of people who had wanted to come but couldn't make it this week. The atmosphere was great - friendly and chatty, but productive too. There were a number of projects that had been dusted off for the meeting. There were women learning new skills, including two who started to learn how to crochet and Crafty who learned how to 'increase' in knitting.

Crafty: As I waited (for I am in great need of tuition, having never been a crafter before now) my patience paid dividends. I was party to many conversations, deeper than I anticipated for the time of day and in a group of people who hadn't met much before (if at all). I guess that is what happens when like minded people come together?

Eventually, Coffee took me under her wing, but S and J also patiently and kindly offered to assist. I will learn from these wonderfully talented women.

And now for some photos of Crafty projects....

C's WiP

Vintage Christmas decorations - busy Mamas know you need to start these things early...

J's WiP

D's WiP - a hooded cable cardie for a friend's little boy

S's WiP - fingerless gloves with mitten flap (for Coffee who is too lazy to knit them herself). One down....

One to go...

Learning to crochet

A's WiP - see, there was more than just knitting and crochet, honest!

S's WiP - another sleeve done...

Crafty, learning to increase, under Coffee's inexpert tuition...

Coffee's WiP, a hooded little girl's cardie, and the all-important cup of coffee

Crafty: I have left with my 'homework' for the week. And my WiP, which I cannot name so publicly before March, will be well underway by the time we next come together.

Coffee: My challenge for the week is to make headway with my WiP, as there have been various rumblings that I take on too many projects, and don't finished them! Hmmm, need to refute this slander...

See you next week. Bye!

(All photos (except one - can you work out which one?) taken by the lovely Crafty.)

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Anonymous said...

Had a great time, you never take on to much :-) S