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Monday, 16 August 2010

Another Month has Passed

Hello Crafters

So, another month has passed and I have missed you all so very much at A Crafty Coffee on the Fridays I have been away.

This weekend my family and I went to Vintage at Goodwood. It was our first ever festival and was great fun for those who love art, design, film, fashion and music through the decades. Many people dressed up (60s, 70s, 40s, 50s and even some 80s) and there were LOADS of crafty ideas to rip off ... you can call anything 'vintage' if it has got even one 'old' element to it! I will add some web links to the blog as there really were some inspiring stalls/people/crafters etc.

I do hope many of you are continuing to meet up while others are on their holidays. I am planning on being at ACC this week, whether I will work some more on the blanket or upcycle some 'vintage' fabrics remains to be seen.

As for a W update, he and Emma are going back into hospital today for the second of four rounds of chemotherapy. They enjoyed 6 days respite and ALL of the leukaemic cells had been eradicated after the first round of chemo so ... so far, so good. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers though, the stays in hospital are very trying.

See you Friday,
Love to you all.
Crafty xxx

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